Valentines Day Dress to Impress

Evening dinner or a night out and unsure of what to wear ? 

I have sourced the ‘ Dress of the week ’ from the Stylosis collection

A sophisticated dress which can be worn as  a Party dress or  for a romantic dinner on Valentines day

The off the shoulder cut gives you enough elegant exposure of the neck and shoulder with confidence

Lace panels are neatly designed into the dress around the waist with a clean bodycon fit showing off your slender frame.

Colours of the dresses are available in Red leaving you feeling sexy and if you feel like being slightly adventurous then the Orange is a must to be seen in.


The Lace Panel Bardot Bodycon Dress is affordably priced at £30 this is one I would definitely purchase as part of my stylish fashionable wardrobe.

If you want to turn heads this is one to pick for Valentines.